The Ultimate Guide to Go RV Camping during Quarantine

Many RVers will be wondering about travellingsince Covid-19 has hit every place on the earth. That’s why we’ve created a list of duties to keep in mind before deciding to go on an adventure. Check out this advice to keep and stay safe at all times.

Where to Go

If you’re already camping during the lockdown, the key if to keep yourself isolated. A good thing to do is to keep a safe distance from others, 6 feet minimum since social distancing is the safest way to avoid the virus. Try parking far from others’ RVs, but not too far from supply centers.

Cleaning First

Before going on an RV camping trip, cleaning is paramount. We recommend doing a deep cleaning frequently, even if it takes a little extra time than usual, especially if you need to drive to get supplies.

Use alcohol wipes, bleach, or strong cleaners, to clean every surface on your RV, with special attention to the door handles, chairs and tables, etc. Any surface can carry the virus and it’s best to make sure your spaceis disinfected at all times.

Extra Precautions

It’s important to wash your hands regularly but you may have heard this already. If your RV is far from a running water supply system and ran out of storage water, use hand sanitizer instead.

Also, try to keep your hands away from your face, and use wipes to cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough, to prevent spreading the virus.

Before Going RV Camping

Before taking your RV out of the garage, consider which areas you are going to visit, it’s important to call the campground first to reserve a spot and avoid crowds. Check your health insurance plan and make sure it covers the region you’re visiting; in case any emergency occurs.

RV Industry and Covid-19

Considering the specialist’s prognosis, the pandemic situation will last 12-18 months, which means that borders will remain closed, and staying in hotels is way too risky. The smartest option to continue travelling and keep yourself safe is to stay inside your vehicle. For that reason, RV sales will increase during quarantine.

We can do nothing but wait until everything calms and the virus goes away. While we are on it, keep your RV as clean as possible and practice social distancing. Remember to ask about your health insurance company for coverage and the campground for availability. After all, you’re in your vehicle and can hide anywhere.

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