RV Slang for Beginners – Useful Guide for RV Living in Canada

Like any other community, over time, slang and lingo enables everyone to understand each other easily. If you’re an RV beginner, these slang words are essential to get familiar with and get confidence when deciding to start your adventure.Check out this list of slang and start travelling.

1-in, 1-out

It means that when you bring a new item into the RV, you have to get rid of something else as well to balance things out. This is an easy way to avoid hoarding when living or travelling in such small spaces.

2-2-2 Rule

This rule advises RVersto drive no more than 200km at a time, to arrive before 2 pm for finding a parking spot anywhere you are, and to spend at least 2 nights enjoying the landscape around you.

2-Uses Rule

If you bring a new item to your RV, it should have at least 2 uses.Otherwise, it goes out, as saving space is mandatory.

6-4-2 Rule

As for small RV’s, it stands for 6 people drinking, 4 for dining and 2 for spending the night. This rule doesn’t include children.


As the name says, means travelling with other RVers, being a fluent way of travelling with little planning.

Full-time RVer/Full-timer/FTRVer

This is someone who has no place to return to.Fulltime RVing means giving up belongings completely to live on the road.

RV Entrepreneur

RVers who work while they’re travelling to fund their trips.Some can have podcasts, others perform music, sell books, offer handyman services, etc.


Some RVers have online jobs that allow them to pay for their travels, thanks to the RV mobile internet resource center.

Getting to know the slang and lingo of the RVers can help you if you are an RV beginner and want to understand how RVing works. Also, it permits veterans to communicate with each other. With this complete user guide, you can start to dig into RVing at the fullest.

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