Holiday Itinerary – A Day RV Travelling in Canada

My name is Roger O’Connor and I’m going to tell you what a typical holiday itinerary looks like for me and my wife when RV travelling through Canada. From breakfast to driving through and taking a break on the road until finally getting to our destination, there’s so much you can do, even playing Playamo online casino games.

Discover our story thanks to the West Gate RV community.

A Typical RV morning

Like any other day in our RV, before breakfast, we wake up and go outside to meditate for a bit and do some exercise. Right after, we prepare a quick breakfast with lots of fruits and eat it outside while planning our day route, making sure we don’t miss any spot.

Holiday Itinerary A Day RV Travelling in Canada car sleeping - Holiday Itinerary - A Day RV Travelling in Canada

Enjoy Without Worries

We are planning to make it from Vancouver to Calgary West Campground to spend the night. From our Vancouver starting point, we make sure our RV is ready for the road, checking on every detail.

First, we check the tire pressure and the wheel’s nut lugs and then put some lube to specific parts that need it for easy moving.

Getting To our Destiny

On our way to Calgary, we make a stop in Takakkaw Falls for a picnic lunch, sightsee the landscapes, and rest a bit before continuing. We then pull over, stretch our legs, lay down for a while, and even play online casino games to take our minds off the road.

Once There

When in Calgary West Campground, we find a spot and set everything up. We are ready to take a shower, doll up a bit, and see the night sky for the first time to go to the famous Grey Eagle Casino and take a few drinks before returning to the campground.

Our holiday itinerary is always different depending on the route we choose to take, but some routines stay the same. We always make sure to take proper restfor maximum efficiency. It’s important to plan routes wisely to prevent spending the night in unexpected places.