5 Tips to Keep your RV Functioning at its Best

While planning your next RV adventure, it’s important to pay attention to every detail when it comes to RV general maintenance, to keep it functioning at its best. Learn detailed tips that will help you to do it yourself and avoid expensive visits to the repair shop. Let’s get started!

Check the RV’s Roof Seals

Make sure to check for leaks every 3 months, as water can go through open seams or any other part of the RV such as skylights or vents, causing severe damage. To avoid that, keepsome sealants to patch up any roof leak in your RV. A pro tip:make sure the sealant you’re using is compatible with your RV’s roof material.

5 Tips to Keep your RV Functioning at its Best Check the RVs Roof Seals - 5 Tips to Keep your RV Functioning at its Best

Check the RV’s Wheels

When getting your RV out of storage, be sure to tighten the wheels’ lug nuts and check the tire pressure to guarantee a safe trip. It’s important to be sure lug nuts haven’t loosened up during storage, otherwise, it may cause an accident while on the road.

Check the RV’s Batteries

One of the most important things is the RV’s battery life since you must keep it charged all the time. Batteries usually tend to last between 3 to 5 years, and some of them have water levels while others are maintenance-free. Keep in mind that after the 3rd year, RV batteries start to lose capacity.

Wastewater System Maintenance

Keep your RV wastewater system functioning well, making sure to use chemicals compatible with your system. Use the exact amount of liquid after flushing and beware to flush continuously, which is paramount to guarantee proper development and prevent valves seizing.

Replace RV’s Oil

Remember to change your RV’s motor oil every season, making sure everything is lubricated and functioning at its best. Usually, RV’s oil needs to be changed every year, preventing tear on its engine, which can lead to excessive repair service or even permanent damage.

Following this simple advice we shared can save your RV from damage and even car accidents. You need to keep an eye at all timesto make sure every piece of your RV works properly.

Pay close attention to the wheels’ nut lugs and tire pressure to avoid problems, and check the battery and change the oil regularly for maximum performance.