About West Gate RV

About West Gate RV - About West Gate RVToni J. Masengill arrived in British Columbia full of hopes and dreams, with a promising future ahead of him. After many attempts at finding a job, he managed to get a position as a manufacturing optician, which wasn’t exactly his dream job but allowed him to pay his debts.

It was there where he met Laura, the woman who changed him completely. Laura had an RV to travel around the country, which he would have never imagined having since he came from a humble community.

After dating her for some time, Toni got crazy about the RV world, pushing him to dig even more into it.

West Gate RV Arrival

The new couple started to travel the country during the summer and at the same time, he wanted a space where he could deliver information he was missing for years. They started sharing radio interviews about RV maintenance, and then magic happened.

The radio station’s owner proposed to sponsor him as a host provider and domain to launch his RV website. That was pretty much the push Toni and Laura needed to start working on getting the webpage done.

Sticking to Our Beliefs

Setting goals and purposes were paramount, and for Toni, that was something he got very clear from the beginning. Along with Laura, he teamed up with other RV owners that remotely helped him to start writing and sharing experiences. That is howWest Gate RV started to get shape.

The website got famous for delivering true information from trusted sources, with topics related to RV brands and models, maintenance, dealerships, and even RV adventures. We invite you allthat want to support us and share stories.